Psychological counselling
for refugees in Croatia

Signs of stress

Are you feeling down?
You can’t stop thinking about your problems and difficult experiences?
You’re having trouble sleeping?
You’re worried about your future?
You’re having problems getting along with people around you?
It’s hard for you to adjust to your new situation?

What is psychological counselling?

Psychological counselling is providing support through conversation. The aim is to help you deal with and overcome issues you’re having hard time managing. Sometimes we just can’t figure out what to do next and we need someone to talk to.

The aim of this conversation is getting support in a safe and confidential environment, which means that everything the counselor and the client talk about remains between them. Counsellor is a professional who knows how to listen and understand and can help you find a solution for your problems. The counsellor can’t diagnose you or give you medicine, but through conversation he/she helps you find the answers and solutions. One counselling meeting lasts from 45-60 minutes.

How does counselling work?

Conversation can help us in dealing with feelings of worry, fear, frustration, anger, sadness, etc. Talk helps us not to feel lonely and to get the support we need. When someone shows understanding, it is easier to cope with the troubles we are in. Talking also gives us the opportunity to discover new perspectives and get ideas we have not thought of before.

Who is counselling for?

Counselling is intended for any person in need of support, whether you’re struggling with a specific problem or you may not have any idea what the problem is but just have a sense that something isn’t right. Maybe you’re facing some communication problems, or you’re burdened with worries or feelings that disrupt your everyday functioning, dreams that trouble you, fears that haunt you, problems in relationships with the people around you or with your family.

Everyone of us sometimes comes to a point where we just don’t know what to do next, when we are thinking that a problem is too difficult for us and we’re feeling irritable, miserable, undervalued, lonely and misunderstood.

The team of counsellors in the Center Modus also provide counselling with translation. All counsellors are fluent in English, but if you want to speak in your native language or some other language that you understand better, we can provide translators. We have translators for Arabic, Turkish, French and Somali languages.

About us

The Society for Psychological Assistance is a non – profit, non-governmental mental health organization, founded in 1993 and based in Zagreb, Croatia. One of our main areas of work is providing psychosocial interventions and support (psychological counselling, psychotherapy, treatment of domestic violence perpetrators, family mediation, psychological crisis interventions, psycho-educations, etc.).

Child, Adolescent and Family Centre Modus is a part of The Society for Psychological Assistance and it is a counselling center where you can get assistance and support from professional counselors for your feelings and worries.

Where are we

Contact us

If you are interested in our services, contact us! You can make appointments in Croatian and English by phone and in Arabic, Turkish, French, Somali, English and Croatian through contact form below.

We ask for your patience in waiting a reply because our interpreters are not regularly present in the office and we will respond in the shortest possible time.

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